06 juni 2015


CONTROLLER "控制者" 科幻愛情微電影 from YC Tom Lee on Vimeo.

A girl that can control everything, perpetrates her own rescue by taking control of her boyfriend.
Check out the Controller PREQUEL here: vimeo.com/samankesh/controller-prequel

This video is dedicated to all the hard working individuals that spent many months bringing this idea to life.
Spanning four countries: Taiwan to UK to USA to China, here are just some of the many people involved:

Produced by: YC Tom Lee
Story by: Saman Kesh & YC Tom Lee
Written & Directed by: Saman Kesh / 薩曼 凱許 ( samanftw.com )
Production Company: MARQ Films - marq.tv/

In Association with:
SKUNK US - skunkus.com/
3BlackDot - 3blackdot.com/

Executive Producers: Marco Q Wu & YC Tom Lee / 吳兆鈞 & 李育丞
Line Producers: Bruce Lee & Joyce Chou / 李元禎 & 周嘉儀
Original music: Russ Davies / 勞斯 戴維斯
Music: WeiSanHsu/ 許瑋珊
Cinematography: Isaac Bauman / 艾希克 保羅曼
Assistant Director: Marshall Law/ 馬修羅, Danny Tseng
Adapted Screenplay: Danny Tseng
Sound Design: Matthew Wilcock (Zelig Sound) / 馬修 威爾克
Visual FX: Benson Tsai (Gravity Star) & Chia-Chi Lin (Moonshine Animation)
Adapted Screenplay: Danny Tseng / 曾敬懿
Production Designer: Parker Lin / 林仲賢
Editing: Saman Kesh / 薩曼 凱許
Motion Graphics: Jade Cheng / 程治雲
Make-up/Hair: Pearl Kwok / 郭令儀
Wardrobe: Luke Huang / 黃育男
Temp Music: Wei-San Hsu / 許瑋珊
Coloris: Loren White / 羅蘭 懷特
Stunt Choreography: Dragon / 楊志龍

Main Cast:
Hero: Luka Lu / 呂君謙
Hero (voice): Kent Chu / 朱育宏
Girl: Susan Hsu / 許珊綺
Elevator 1 Kent Chu / 朱育宏
Elevator 2 張忠瑞
Hazmat 1 林國峰
Hazmat 2 柳元森